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What defines your wealth?

There are many versions of what makes you wealthy, one of the first types that comes to mind is finances. When someone says: "I am rich!" you immediately thing they're a millionaire. Often that becomes a defining factor of our society, we're all studying and working to gain finances, to get a good home, that new car, shop at a fancy store which will remain nameless due to copyright. We want luxury, and for that we must be 'rich'.

But what is all that wealth truly worth if you keep it to yourself, hiding away from othres and abandoning the community that got you to where you are? What does it mean to be rich in Christ? We get a glimpse of the answer in Luke 12: 13-21. Serving to the community is one way in which we can focus on being rich in Christ. Being rich in a community, not just giving money but being present, spending time serving the Lord by serving those around you.

So for this week...

How can you serve to be richer in Christ?

Simply focus on what those around you need and how you can be present for them. So this week, write down where you can / have served your community.

Write down these two headings in a notebook or on a page and then write down how you have/will accomplish these goals:

I have served...
I will serve...

Now, as always, simply go do it.

You can also download a PDF of this week's challenge.

Weekly Challenge (31 July)
Download PDF • 5.33MB


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