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What is

Kopanong is an expression of movement!

We believe that God is calling us to be a place of Kopanong, a beautiful Sesotho word, meaning "Place of coming together", but also "the Act of coming together". 

As the most central city in our country, Bloemfontein has always been a place of gathering for people and ideas.

This can create tension; it can create beauty; it always creates spaces where we need God's spirit to give us insight and direction. Movement, coming and going, and being; all on holy ground.


What our logo says about us.

Our logo is firstly a cross.

We believe that all we are and all we do is anchored in the Cross of JesusHim, and His act of godly salvation, stands at the centre of what we believe.  He is our begin-and-end-in-all.

Secondly, it is a coptic cross.

We believe that God has placed us, and called us, to be his body in Africa. As tribute to the Ethiopian Coptic Church, being the first church in Africa, we choose this version of the cross. To be salt and light in our context - that is our calling.



We are grounded. In Christ, and in our context.

We are overcome by His enduring love.

We are to partake in the coming of new life, of kingdom things.

We are called to embrace those who are the least of these;

it is the colour of suffering and lament.

We are loved to be love. He crowns us to be mediators

of a new era. His reign is here!


Check out our full sermon range on YouTube and learn more about what our logo means to us and how our core values are encapsulated in this image.

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