Chris De Vries


"I believe in God's way - the other way. Living out of deep and meaningful relationships creates space for me to try to embody and discover Jesus. I pursue loving others and myself in a way that costs me something!"

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Gerhard Meyer


"I try to help others, and to be helped myself, in understanding what it means to live a life of grace amidst, and despite, the reality of a broken humanity"


Ian Rautenbach

Head of the Worship Team

"I encourage people to express their beliefs by making use of rhythm, melody, voices and musical instruments to transform ideas and convictions into song and music as alternative forms of praise, worship and prayer."

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Marlou Strydom

Public Relational Officer

"I speak to the people on the daily and make sure everyone is up to date with that is happening at church. I also do the sound on Sundays"

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Marianne Liebenberg

Community Worker

"I am the office 'tannie', always ready for a chat and passionate about young people. I also do the finances and admin."

Helios Logo

Kopanong's Music ministry got its name from the Greek word for 'Sun' almost 30 years ago when the band was formed. Originally the band consisted of a few guitars and the church organ! Today it features a wide range of instrument from classical to typical band instruments.

The group is not just a band, but also a group coming together to praise God off stage and contributing to the Kingdom of God in a range of spaces. Its not just a band, its a family always looking for new members!

If you want to join our band, you can contact Ian for more info!