Volunteering | Community | Towers of Hope 

Heart of the City was born out of a need for our community to be mobilised as Jesus's hands and feet in our own city. We decided to make a weekly commitment to the Towers of Hope community in the CBD of Bloemfontein, to help them out with their weekly outreach. We come together every Friday, working together on the food team and the clothing team.


The food team is mainly concerned with getting everything ready for the soup kitchen and helping with the cleanup afterwards. The clothing team helps fold and categorise the vast amounts of clothing donations received weekly. We also upcycle donated T-shirts making buffs to serve as masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Community | Travel | Adventure

Lesotho Outreach is focused at bringing community closer to those around us and spreading the joy of God's word. During our yearly visit to Lesotho we offer opportunity for personal growth, building community and helping those who are less fortunate.

By working towards helping each other, we share the word of God while enabling communities to serve each other and Christ alike.


Relationship | Fellowship | Adventure

Traptoer is a cycling tour undertaken every year to raise funds for a specific cause.

In 2021 the outreach raised R 95 000 for Drought Relief, to assist the struggling farmers.

The tour takes place in the third term break where we pick up our jogging shoes and their bicycles and take on a new journey! Because we are from the land-locked Bloemfontein, we usually travel to the coast for some vitamin SEA.

Money is raised by means of sponsors who sponsors an amount per kilometer traveled in the tour. The tour also focuses on fellowship, community and building relationships, because nothing creates and seals bonds more than putting down kilo after kilo with someone by your side. Along with the fun filled days, there is also a lot of opportunity for spiritual growth. 

It is truly the adventure of a lifetime and the opportunity to create friendships and memories with each kilometer.

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Adventure | Growth | Community

Our Hiking Tour, better known as Staptoer, is an outreach focused on personal growth, building relationships and experiencing an adventure. The personal growth comes from the pilgrimage of the hike, with the time spent in nature deepening our relationship with God. Building relationships and community within our congregation is also a primary focus of Staptoer and adventure comes through the extraordinarily planned hikeing tour.