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Why do we reach out?

Part of our mission as a ministry is to reach out beyond the safety of our community borders and function as Jesus' hands and feet here on earth. We'd love for you to join any of these outreaches as you'll both assist a community and it's people in need and have the chance to experience something of Christ outside our 'safe spaces'.


As a community we go out and serve where there is a need. We travel with fellow believers to spaces where we would not have gone on our own and with this shared experience we strengthen our bonds with each other, communities in need and with Christ. See what it means to be a church outside of a building!

26 June - 5 July 2023

Lesotho Outreach, Kopanong Ministry
10 Days of Hope


10 Days of Hope is a initiative by MES that reaches out to the youth in Hillbrow to assist and inspire them for a better tomorrow.

Kopanong usually gathers a few students to assist the group of people traveling from across the country to work as the hands and feet of Jesus.

More about MES here.

23 June - 2 July 2023

Reach Out With Us!

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