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What matters most?

This week we're building the courage to talk about things we never speak about: HOW DO WE DO THIS ADULTING THING??

Being an adult means knowing/thinking about what is important. Getting your priorities in line but also experiencing life! Like Martha in Luke 10:38-42, we tend to focus so much on preparing for life (which is necessary sometimes) that we totally miss the experience we prepared for! It all comes down to what your priorities are and respecting those of other.

The word priorities in itself is an oxymoron though, as we can't really have 10 things that are equally important to us. A key aspect of adulthood is knowing what is important to you, then figuring our how everything else in your life works toward your PRIORITY!

What is your goal in life? How does everything else function towards this priority? Ask yourself this question this week...

Download the weekly challenge PDF and complete the form on the back (or rewrite it). Focus your time and your effort on your priority and everything in your life that contributes.

Till next week.

Weekly Challenge (24 July)
Download PDF • 3.12MB


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