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The story

This Sunday was Gerhard Meyer's last official sermon with us this year. We read from Joshua 24: 1-3; 14-24 - read with us, to refresh your memory.

Let's take a step back and take a look at the context of the book of Joshua :

Now that we are all on the same page, let's get into the word:

Stories are all around us. They shape the way we think and perceive the world, the ideas, and understanding we have concerning wrong and right, as well as playing a vital part in

forming and shaping the persons we become. Often these stories are heard and absorbed in

a very subliminal manner, subtly impacting and shifting the way we approach this thing

called life. Some stories are lies, others are myths while a handful is true. The truest story

of all is the story God is telling. It is a story that captivates and enthralls, a story that

motivates and inspires, a story that saves. God constantly invites us to join this story, to tell

it with Him, because, this story tells the tale of a Creator who time after time intentionally

acts to liberate an oppressed creation so that it may once again be reconciled with its




It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. - Eugene Ionesco
  • What does God’s story look like?

  • What are the other stories that stand in contrast to God’s?

  • Why do we possibly deny God’s invitation to tell His story with Him?



What is the next step

Let us seek and find the people in our environment and context who may be oppressed and

ask what can be done in order to hasten God’s already existent liberation plan for them. Let

us seed and find the ways in which we ourselves may be oppressed, the ways in which we

may be oppressing ourselves, and ask what can be done in order to hasten God’s already

existent liberation plan for us.



Go and read the original story, Gen 1-3, so that we may be reminded why God keeps on

telling His story.


That's all for this week

We would just like to use this platform to thank Gerhard for the immensely big role he played in our congregation this year. Thank you for teaching us about God and what it looks like to be his Beloved. Thank you for investing in us, we pray that God will send you where He will use you, we know that whatever church you end up at, will be blessed to have you there.

All our love

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