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During the time of Lent we're confronted by our deepest longings and desires. We're challenged by - in the words of James K.A. Smith in his book "You Are What You Love" - those things that determine the direction of our actions. Jesus experienced these same temptations whilst he was journeying in the wilderness: comfort, fame and power. We too, like Jesus, enter into the wilderness during the time of Lent. Therefore, I invite you to go deeper this week. Try to figure out what are your temptations. Where do you surrender to the temptations of comfort, fame and power? And how can we learn to perhaps surrender (like Jesus) to God's calling, even in our own wilderness experiences.

A helpful way of doing this is by spending time with the poem below. It was written by Brother Eckhart (Chip Camden). It paraphrases Jesus' journey in the wilderness. Try to become silent, read it and then re-read it.


Creature comforts And why not? All you have to do is Give up a few rocks These sun-baked stones That burn your hands and cut your feet Could soon become a desert treat! Stop being so hard on yourself!

Fame All yours for the taking All you have to do is Leave this lonely wilderness Head right to the center of the noisy crowd Drop in your branding clear and loud Start showing what you've got!

Power Not as easy, but well within your reach All you have to do is Want it more than anything Make it your top priority Your one and only deity Instead of your strange, silly God Of Suffering Solitude And Silence

Now, after you have spent some time on this poem, I invite you to become silent. Take 10 minutes of pure, uninterrupted, time for silence. Ask God to unveil your deepest needs and wants, what are the things tempting you?

Thereafter, I invite you to think further about this theme by watching this video:

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(Accessed: 03 March 2020)

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