Helios is the name of our church’s music ministry, or band. The name means “Sun” in Greek and was given almost 30 years ago when the “band” consisted of a few guitar players and the church organ! Since then the type of instruments as well as the number of band members have grown and shrunk and grown again. 

Who Are We?

Today, we have instruments ranging from guitar and piano, to violins and cello, to kagon and lot of beautiful voices. We are also blessed with the best secretarial and technical team in Bloemfontein!


Although we are musicians at our core, the magic of Helios stretches far wider than just that. Helios is a space where we try to embody the true spirit of Kopanong. It’s where we become best friends that feels like family. It’s a space where anybody is welcomed with open arms - no matter your history or convictions. It’s where we journey with God and each other, and challenge one another to be better versions of ourselves. 

It’s the place where you will always experience honesty, unconditional love and a lot of fun. 

Helios is far more than just an ordinary church band, it is a family that is always looking for more people whom we can love.